Bike Services




  • General inspection for road worthiness
  • Inspection of the drivetrain and, if necessary, exchange of chainrings, sprockets and chain
  • Inspection of all screw connections to ensure the prescribed torque
  • Inspection of lights and reflectors
  • Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of the headset
  • Inspection of all Bowdens and cables for wear and tear
  • Centering of the wheels
  • Adjustment of gears and brakes without bleeding
  • Lubrication and adjustment of hubs and bottom bracket
  • Tire inspection for wear and tear, correct air pressure



Professional service incl. complete system diagnosis by means of diagnostic tool


  • Software update
  • Read and delete error codes from the error log


In addition to our service packages, we offer the following services:

  • Bike assembly
  • Bike-computer assembly
  • Assembly of bicycles from third-party vendors
  • Service of hydraulic brakes (filling, bleeding,...)
  • Chain changes and other services
  • Mounting of cargo racks/child seats
Intersport Frühstückl



Insure yourself properly against theft, accident and repairs!

Your favorite bike should bring you joy. So that you are well-equipped against all eventualities, we strongly suggest protecting yourself with our COMPREHENSIVE CAREFREE E-BIKE INSURANCE. From just € 7.50 per month*, you can enjoy your bicycle tours without a care in the world. Our insurance includes the following coverage:

  • theft
  • wear & tear on parts(from the 7thmonth on)
  • repairs
  • pick-up service
  • battery protection

* Full coverage requires annual payment and an E-bike purchase price from € 1501 - € 3000. For complete conditions, please consult the insurance policy.

Always know you’re on the right track

Our INTERSPORT-Partner VALUE GUARANTEEinsurance offers you classic bicycle theft insurance, which will compensate you for your lost bicycle quickly, reliably and hassle-free. Naturally, we will also take care of all repair coststhat result from accidents, falls or breakdowns involving your bicycle. And with our E-bike coverage, you will also be on the safe side when it comes to any damage to your battery or motor.

Bike thieves? What do you care!

A bike is stolen every 90 seconds. But what do you care!Bike thefts happen everywhere – including locked cellars and apartments. And around 90% of the over 330,000 cases reported to the police annually are never solved. But thanks to our VALUE GUARANTEE, if your bike is stolen you will receive a brand-new bicycle of the same value. Not only does this protect you from thieving fingers, it also gives you an incredible sense of security – for as little as € 7.50 per month*.

*Full coverage requires annual payment and an E-bike purchase price from € 1501 - € 3000. For complete conditions, please consult the insurance policy.



Safely underway thanks to INTERSPORT child-safety certification

INTERSPORT is very conscious of its responsibility as the world’s strongest brand in the sports retail business. Which means, we also play our part in ensuring bike travel in traffic is as safe as possible. That’s why, in cooperation with VSSÖ (Association of Austrian Sporting Goods Manufacturers and -Outfitters), we have developed an INTERSPORT child-safety inspection sticker for children’s and youth bicycles.

At all Austrian INTERSPORT locations with a bike department, our coaches offer a free safety inspection for children’s and youth bicycles. Simply bring the bicycle by and have it checked out! If a child-safety inspection sticker is issued, it confirms that the bicycle meets all Austrian road-safety requirements.


The safety inspection and data

  • Legal inspection:Does the bicycle meet all equipment requirements stipulated by Austrian road-safety laws (StVO § 66 pars. 1 & 2)?
  • Mechanical inspection:And do all components of the bike work correctly?
  • Expert inspection: additional recommendations to make the bicycle even more safe and comfortable.

If any defects or shortcomings are discovered, we recommend allowing our expert specialists to remedy them immediately, so that your bike qualifies to sport our child-safety sticker.

Incidentally: children’s and youth bicycles that are bought, equipped perfectly and made roadworthy here at INTERSPORT, will already have the child-safety sticker when they are delivered to the customer.