About us

A traditional company with history.


06. November 1948

Establishment of a sports and traditional clothing store in Tamsweg by Florian Frühstückl senior on 24 square meters.

On November 6, 1948, Florian Frühstückl senior and his wife founded a sports and traditional clothing store in Tamsweg. A courageous step in a difficult time.


Joining the Intersport Group Opening of the first store in Obertauern at Hotel Edelweiß.

The sports and traditional clothing store of the Frühstückl family joins the Intersport Group and opens a location in the same year at Obertauern in Hotel Edelweiß.


Takeover of the business by Florian Frühstückl.

32 years after its founding, Florian Frühstückl takes over the business from his parents.


Renovation and expansion of the flagship store in Tamsweg.

With the acquisition of neighboring properties, the existing store is also renovated and expanded.


Opening of the Zehnerkarbahn Obertauern location.

Another location opens at the base station of the Zehnerkarbahn in Obertauern.


Opening of the Stützpunkt Obertauern location.

With the opening of the Stützpunkt, there is now a third location right in the heart of Obertauern.


Acquisition of the businesses and the "Intersport Frühstückl" brand by Krist Invest GmbH.

36 years after taking over the business, Florian Frühstückl hands over the operations and the "Intersport Frühstückl" brand to Krist Invest GmbH.


Expansion of the flagship store in Tamsweg
70th anniversary celebration
Opening of the Katschberg location.

In 2018, Intersport Frühstückl celebrated its 70th anniversary on the occasion of the reopening after the expansion of the flagship store in Tamsweg. As a festive highlight, Florian Frühstückl presented the first electric cash register of Tamsweg to Stefan Krist.
Another location opens at Katschberg.


Acquisition of the property in Tamsweg by PE GmbH.

PE GmbH purchases the property of the commercial spaces in Tamsweg.

Numbers and Facts.

75 years

We are a traditional business that has been a solid part of the market town of Tamsweg in Lungau for 75 years. The historic cash register still stands today as a memento in our office.

35/50 employee

We have a total of 35 permanent employees throughout the year who take care of your needs and ensure a smooth operation in both the stores and the administration. During the winter, especially in Obertauern, there is a bit more activity, so we increase our staff to 50 employees by hiring seasonal workers.

4 active apprentices

We are thinking about the future, and that's why we are especially proud to be a training company. Currently, we are preparing 4 apprentices for their professional lives.

200 pairs of skis per day

Using our service machine from Wintersteiger, we service over 200 pairs of skis per day! That's approximately 25,000 pairs of serviced skis/snowboards during the season.

3,000 pairs of rental skis.

In our rental, we have over 3,000 pairs of skis to be well-prepared for even the highest demands. The rental skis are constantly maintained and regularly replaced, so you'll always be skiing with the latest models.

30,000 customers.

At our 5 locations, we are visited by an average of 30,000 customers per year. In the winter, of course, the percentage is higher than in the summer..

5 locations


Our flagship store in Tamsweg has been in existence for 75 years on Kirchengasse. The largest store in terms of area houses all divisions as well as a large ski and bike rental and a traditional clothing department.


In Obertauern, we have 3 locations: the base as a crucial hub to the flagship store, as well as a location at the valley station of the Zehnerkarbahn and at the Hotel Edelweiß.


In addition to Obertauern, we have another location at Katschberg in Hotel Das Alpenhaus. However, this one is not only open during the winter but also offers a bike rental with a shop during the summer holidays.