Packing your backpack right

For those who occasionally embark on mountain tours or hikes, it's clear that equipment and provisions are essential. Naturally, these are transported in a backpack, but depending on the extent of the journey and the gear, it can put a strain on your back. Besides having a well-fitting backpack with hip and chest straps, the way you pack your backpack is crucial to achieving proper weight distribution and balance.

Here are 6 valuable tips for optimal luggage distribution in your hiking backpack:

  1. Light Items (e.g., sleeping bag or down clothing): These are well-suited for the bottom compartment. It often provides more space than you'd expect, but try not to overload it with too much weight for the sake of balance. Heavy weight in the bottom compartment can literally pull you down when climbing.

  2. Heavy Items (e.g., tents, hydration bladder, provisions): Place these in the main compartment and as close to your back as possible, aligning the backpack's center of gravity with your body's center of mass.

  3. Medium-Weight Items (e.g., fleece jackets, spare clothing, trail maps): These also go in the main compartment, but toward the outer areas and as high as possible.

  4. Small Items (e.g., headlamp, energy bars, hat) and First Aid: The lid compartment is ideal for these. If your backpack has two lid compartments, ensure an even distribution. Remember to place an emergency information note in the lid compartment or the designated slot.

  5. Side Pockets: These are perfect for drinks (if you don't have a hydration bladder), and here too, maintaining even weight distribution is important.

  6. Light and Bulky Items (e.g., helmet, via ferrata set): These can be attached to the loops on the outside of the backpack.

If your backpack is a struggle to close, it's likely too small for your plans and won't be comfortable to carry for long. It's always better to generously estimate the backpack's volume, as a larger backpack provides a more stable support frame for your back. So, don't hesitate to have a bit of extra space in your backpack. You never know what you might find along the way.

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